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Threading / Tinting


All clients are given a consultation at their first appointment to discuss any questions and review any post care instructions.

Lash Lifts

  • Last Lifts are ideal for any woman looking for that extra little pick me up in her daily routine, Our lash lifts last approximately 6-8 weeks.

  • Avoid all water and steam for 24 hours after your service.

  • Any clients who arrive with makeup will be asked to wash their face and given the needed supplies; a $5 cleaning fee will be applied & our 72-hour touchup policy will be void.



Threading results last longer than waxing because the thread pulls out all the hair on the surface of the skin from the root. Threading is the mildest hair removal technique. It does not use harsh chemicals and serves as a mild exfoliant, making it ideal for facial hair removal.

  • The results from eyebrow threading lasts longer than plucking or waxing. Plucking lasts 2–4 weeks, waxing lasts 3–6 weeks and eyebrow threading (wait for it . . .) can last up to 8 weeks!

  • Threading removes an entire row of hairs at a time, which will give your brows a more precise shape

  • If you have ever experienced ingrown hairs after plucking, you will not have to worry about that happening with threading.

  • Threading is a much faster process than waxing or plucking.

  • Brow threading will not irritate your skin like waxing often can.


Come as you are, we can clean any areas we are working on!



  • Brow tinting is a service that does not involve hair removal but uses a semi-permanent dye to enhance the color, shape, and thickness of your brows.

  • Tinting is the perfect way to add a color boost to your brows (and even your lashes) and is ideal for those with light hair.

  • A brow tint can widen your arches and elongate your eyebrows, which will give your brows a more defined, beautiful look.

  • If you have naturally fine brows or over-plucked back in the day like many of us did (ooops!) a brow tint can help by boosting the volume of your eyebrows.

  • Even if your eyebrows are already dark, a tint can grab those peach-fuzz hairs and fill in the shape of your brows. You may discover you have hairs you didn't know were there!

  • Tinting lasts roughly 6-8 weeks + pairs perfectly with a brow thread or brow lamination or a perfect add on to any service!


Come as you are, we can clean any areas we are working on!


Image by Birmingham Museums Trust

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