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Glass House Xperience

Glass Blowing

Mandy Patchin was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. After experimenting with several different artistic mediums, including painting, she began to study
glassblowing and immediately feel in love with the process. She thrives on the
energy and creativity involved in producing unique pieces using a variety of
glassblowing techniques. The ability to control and manipulate the glass, molding it into whatever shape her mind can imagine, is a source of great joy in her life.


For years prior to discovering her gift for glassblowing, Mandy has been dedicated to a variety of charitable causes, always carving out time to volunteer and give back to the community. She brings the same spirit to glassblowing and her studio every day. Mandy is an active member on multiple art committees and is devoted to growing and art culture and community throughout Canada.


She will continue to focus her efforts working with organization and communities that share a similar goal. Through her many successes and challenges creating and operating Canada’s only mobile glass studio, Mandy’s spirit has kept her moving toward her goals. Her passion is shown through her teaching, creations and the services she provides for clients.

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